Amusement Trains for Sale

Amusement trains for sale you can buy from Beston Amusement are welcomed for its authentic-looking appearance with the real train as well its wonderful experience they brought to riders. Riding on them makes passengers feel that they are experiencing a happy trip, and the train will take them to the dream place they want to reach. Beston is one of leading  manufacturers of amusement rides. Beston company produces various types of amusement trains with unique and attractive appearances. If any need, welcome to contact us at any time.

Beston New Amusement Trains for Sale
BNBT-A Beston New Amusement Trains

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Beston New Amusement Trains for Sale
BNBT-B Beston New Amusement Trains

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Beston amusement trains for sale can be used in amusement parks, backyards, parties, carnivals, malls, scenic spots and on. For different places, our company designs different styles or themes to make the train make full of its advantages in different occasions. When customers buy amusement train rides for sale from Beston, they should know in advance what do they use these trains for or what places they are going to install these trains in, which can help them to choose the most proper products quickly. Besides, Beston  not only produces train rides for kids, but also sell trains that adults can ride.

Amusement Trackless Train for Sale in Beston
Amusement Trackless Train

Product Information:

Type: BNAT-41A
Size: 5200mm×1880mm×2200mm
Coach Number: 2  (can be customized)
Max Speed: 30km/h
Voltage: 380v
Power: 12kw
Capacity: 41 persons

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If you plan to add some amusement train rides for your parks or you want to buy train rides for parties or carnivals, sincerely welcome to purchase quality amusement trains from our company. We will give you the most favorable prices and the best services!

Categories of Beston Amusement Rides for Sale

In Beston, you can find any kind of amusement train rides you want to buy, and our trains include amusement park trains for sale, train rides for parties, backyard trains for sale, carnival train rides for sale, trackless trains for sale cheap, mini trains for sale, miniature trains for sale, train rides for kids and so on.

Beston Trackless Train for Sale

Contrary to park trains with track, Beston trackless train for sale refers to mini electric trackless train. Our trackless train rides are divided into fuel-powered and electrical-driven, and the carriage is either totally enclosed or openwide. With novel appearance and unique attractiveness, Beston trackless trains for sale are commonly used in malls, communities, parks, fairgrounds and scenic spots. They not only have the practical function of  taking people to their destination, but also are aesthetic, being pleasant to visitors’ eyes. Here is a kind of electric trackless train for sale produced by Beston Company, which adopts superior emission-free battery without pollution. It contains a locomotive and four carriages, and each carriage can accommodate 4 persons.

Popular Trackless Train
Classic Trackless Train

Product Information:

Type: BNAT-18A
Coach Number:  4  (can be customized)
Locomotive: 1-2 person
Capacity: 18 persons (each coach 4 persons)

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Backyard Trains for Sale from Beston

If you want to buy one amusement train ride for backyard, our backyard train for sale is not a bad choice. Beston backyard trains include a locomotive, several carriages and a track, and is extremely safe and easy to operate. The work of setting up requires only a few basic hand tools and can be done within one day.

Mini Backyard Train with Track
Mini Backyard Train

Product Information:

Type: BNAT-8A
Coach Number: 3  (can be customized)
Capacity: 8 persons (each carriage 2 persons)
Track Length: 8 meter

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Beston Miniature Trains for Sale

Miniature trains, or mini train rides are found in many amusement parks or shopping malls around the world. As for the price, they are more affordable than other kinds of Beston amusement trains for sale. However, they can bring passengers the same enjoyment although they are smaller in the size. In fact, mini train can be regarded as train rides for kids, for its target customers are mainly children.

Miniature Train for Kids
Miniature Train for Sale

Product Information:

Type: BNAT-8B
Capacity: 8 persons
Speed: 1.8m/s
Height: 0.7m

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Features of Beston Amusement Trains for Sale

  • Locomotive is easy to run;
  • With standard automotive battery charger;
  • Key operated disable switch that prevents unauthorized use;
  • Fused electrical system and reverse polarity protection for maximum safety;
  • Seat options include pedestal seats and bench seat;
  • Completely painted;
  • Includes complete operation and maintenance manual;
  • Accept customization;
  • Electrical-power or fuel-power;
  • Use only new components with industrial standards;
  • Furnished with manuals, specifications, part lists;
  • One-year warranty period.
Beston Factory Picture
Beston Amusement Track Train

Product Information:

Type: BNAT-18B
Capacity: 18persons
Speed: 1 m/s
Area: 10m*12m
2.2 m

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Components of Beston Amusement Park Trains for Sale

Just as the real train we ride when we have a long trip, Beston park train also consists of the locomotive, carriages and railroad track. The difference between real trains and amusement park trains lies that amusement train rides just have similar appearances of real trains and they are designed for fun, not for transportation.


A train can’t be called a train if it has no a locomotive and the locomotive is the most typical mark of an amusement park train. The motor is installed in the locomotive and the person sitting in the locomotive is in charge of the train’s operation, for example, he or she can control the train’s direction and change its running speed. The locomotive of Beston park train operate from a hand held control, and the person in the locomotive can make the train run or stop. When it is in the safe mode, it requires button to continue going. In addition, the locomotive has three modes of headlight—bright, dim and off, and horn.

Track Amusement Train
Amusement Park Train

Product Information:

Type: BNAT-14A
Coach Number:  3 (can be customized)
Locomotive: 1-2 person
Capacity: 14 persons (each coach 4 persons)

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The carriage of Beston amusement park rides has various themes, like ocean theme, animal theme and vintage style. The number of carriages can be added or reduced by the customers’ requirements. Trains with more carriages are more difficult to operate and needs larger area, but they look gorgeous and can attract more visitors. And trains with less carriages are easy to run and requires lighter power. Carriages of Beston amusement train rides can carry 2 persons or 4 persons. The carriage has enough space to accommodate passengers, and the seat is comfortable. From carriage, passengers can gain a wonderful view of surrounding things.


Generally speaking, tracks are made to match the train. If one amusement park train is heavy or big, then its track needs to be solid and the thickness of the rail must be compatible with the size of the train’s wheels. Tracks can be made by wood, plastic and steel. Most tracks of our amusement park trains are steel-made, which is solid and can well guarantee the safety of train riders. In addition, the track includes pre-bent and cut curves sections and all hardware furnished, including bars, bolts, nuts and screws, requires only minimal tools to assembly. Assembly manual will be sent to you together with the product.

Manufaturing of Amusement Trains in Our Factory
Manufaturing of Beston Amusement Trains
Track Part of the Amusement Train
Manufacturing Detail

Advantages of Beston Amusement Trains for Sale

  1. Some customers buy our amusement train rides for commercial use while some for their private use. Our products receive wonderful feedbacks, not only because of good design and quality, but also our excellent services from the beginning to the end. Our designs for amusement trains follow the dimensions and details of the original prototype and make minor changes when necessary and our design principle for amusement train rides for sale is to ensure safety and enjoyment. All design work is done by professional designers in our factory. They use the latest computer software and give full play to their creativity to make the design perfect as possible as they can, without any detail missed.
  2. In addition to perfect design, our company selects the best materials and components to bring the maximum enjoyment for customers who ride our amusement trains for sale. This can also maximize these trains’ operating life while minimizing maintenance requirements.Our amusement trains for sale, including sets and assembled products are sent to you ready to use and requires a minimal setup work. We use the most advanced technologies to provide you with good-looking and elegant products.

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