How To Make Your Amusement Park Be More Profitable

The most fundamental purpose of investing in amusement park equipment is to make money. There is no doubt about this. At least 99% of people think about this mentality, but there are many amusement parks nowadays, some businesses are very popular, some businesses can only be said to be similar, and others are directly facing … Read more

Beston Will Attend The 22nd International Exhibition In Russia

Beston Will Attend The 22nd International Exhibition In Russia

Beston Company will attend the 22nd International Exhibition in Russia which is called «Amusement Rides and Entertainment Equipment RAAPA  EXPO – 2020». We welcome friends from all around the world to visit and learn our amusement rides for sale! You will find all kinds of hot-sale amusement rides, such as kiddie rides, family rides, thrill rides and … Read more

Inflatable Bumper Cars For Sale Cheap To Indonesia

Large Inflatable Bumper Car For Sale - Beston Rides

On July 26, 2019, we received an email from Indonesia’ customer who wanted to buy 6 inflatable bumper cars and were interested in the total fees. After receiving the email, our sales manager contact back to the customer at the first time. Through detailed communication, we have learned about the thought and requirements of customer, and … Read more

158㎡ Indoor Playground Equipment For Sale To Russia

158㎡ Indoor Playground Equipment For Sale To Russia - Beston Supplier

Beston as a professional Indoor Playground Supplier in China, has exported 158㎡ Indoor Playground Equipment for sale to Russia recently, and already have finished installing. Indoor playground equipment actually like a small-size fairground build for the indoor place. The ride can be design and installed to be small size and also can be very large size. And … Read more

Buy Cheap Kiddie Rides For Sale In Pakistan

KSR 02 - Kiddie Swing Ride for Sale Cheap - Beston Factory

Do you want to buy kiddie rides for sale in Pakistan. Here are some popular kiddie rides manufactured in Beston Factory for you! Such as mini train rides, kids bumper cars, kiddie carousel rides, small ferris wheel, mini pendulum ride, mini roller coaster, mini swing ride and so on. Which product would you like to … Read more

Buy Amusement Park Rides For Sale In Kenya

BNRFK 03 - Trackless Train For Sale In Kenya - Beston Company

Do you want to buy cheap amusement park rides for sale in Kenya? When you are operating an amusement park in Kenya, you need to choose and buy the suitable amusement rides for sale in your park project for attracting more tourists. Here are some suggestions from Beston Company about buying cheap amusement park rides … Read more