Beston Amusement Rides for Sale in South Africa

Being members of BRICS, China and South Africa have been in good partnership in these years. South Africa and China both seize this opportunity of globalization and take efforts to develop themselves. Under this condition, a great many of amusement park rides from Beston can be seen in amusement parks, funfairs, fairgrounds, communities and other public places in South Africa. In the first half of 2017, customers from South Africa bough quite a lot hot-sale amusement rides from our company. Amusement rides for sale in South Africa from Beston include flying UFO rides, pendulum swing rides, chair swing rides, amusement trains, small roller coasters and other kiddie rides.

Beston Amusement Ride Shipped to South Africa
Shipment to South Africa
Packaged Beston Bumper Cars to South Africa
Packaged Bumper Cars to South Africa

For amusement rides for sale in South Africa, Beston offers good-quality amusement equipment and excellent after-sale services. There are many customers in South Africa who frequently buy our products for several times. Many customers think that Beston amusement rides for sale in South Africa are cheap and fine. So they are willing to buy amusement rides from our company again and again. For old customers, we will give certain discounts according to the quantity of their orders and the type of products they purchase. Welcome to choose Beston – a trustworthy manufacturer and supplier of various amusement park rides. Look forward to your inquiry!

Beston Flying UFO Ride to South Africa
Flying UFO Ride to South Africa

Product Information:

Name: Flying UFO Ride
Capacity: 24 persons
Size: 27m*10m
Area: 30m*14m
Height: 8.5m
Power: 3okw
Voltage: 380v

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