Bungee Trampoline for Sale

Bungee trampoline for sale produced by Beston Group is a new ideal entertainment item for all ages of children. Being easily controlled, it allows children to bounce and flip, pretending to be an Olympic Gymnast without any worry of injury. Parents can watch their children show off acrobatic skills and release their vigor fully by jumping and spinning on the bungee trampoline. Every child wants to try this attraction, so give your visitors a chance to try something new and exciting! Don’t hesitate to contact us for price of new bungee trampoline rides!

Four Person Bungee Trampoline for Kids
BNBT-4A Four Person Bungee Trampoline

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Four Person Bungee Trampoline for Kids
BNBT-4B Four Person Bungee Trampoline

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The bungee trampoline is a popular attraction favored by lots of children. Although there are many different designs of bungee trampoline, most of them operate under the same principle. Children are strapped to a harness that ties around their waists, and then fastens securely with a buckle, and the child is able to jump on the trampoline freely and happily. This can not only bring fun to children, but also exercise their bodies when the spend hours of time jumping on the bungee trampoline. Want to have one in your backyard, party, funfair or carnival? Looking for a way to experience zero gravity without flying off into space? Beston bungee trampoline for sale is a perfect ride to help you achieve this. Now send message to us for inquiry. We are available at any time.

Cheap Bungee Trampoline for Sale
BNBT-1B Cheap Bungee Trampoline for Sale

Product Information:

Type: BNBT-1B
Capacity: 4 persons
Trampoline Shape: round
Area Requirement: 8m*8m

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Characteristics of Beston Bungee Trampoline for Sale

  • Some are mobile or portable with a trailer;
  • Easy to use and easy to set up;
  • Welcomed by all groups of children;
  • Both a fun attraction and a great way to exercise;
  • With high safety coefficient and durability;
  • Suitable in in funfairs, carnivals, amusement parks, fairgrounds, birthday parties and backyards;
  • With the most favorable price and nobody can beat us on price
Bungee Jumping Trampoline Ride for Sale from Beston
Bungee Jumping Trampoline Ride for Sale

Product Information:

Type: BNBT-4A
Capacity: 4 persons
Trampoline Shape: round
Material: galvanized steel
Hook Material: stainless steel
Diameter: 7.5m
Lifting Weight: 400kg
Power: 1500kw
Voltage: 220v

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Working Principle of Children Bungee Trampoline Ride in Beston

Firstly, participants put on a bungee trampoline harness according the size of their waist, and then they are hooked to relative number of bungee ropes depending on their weight. These ropes are attached to the pole or bar, which is connected to the highest point on the jump structure. Participants can jump and flip as high as they can, and the higher they jump, the higher the bungee ropes are moved up the poles.

High Quality Bungee Trampoline for Sale
BNBT-1C High Quality Bungee Trampoline for Sale

Product Information:

Type: BNBT-1C
Capacity: 2 kid
Height: 4 m
Trampoline Shape: rectangle
Area Requirement: 8m*4m

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Components of Beston Bungee Trampoline for Sale

Here are Beston bungee trampoline parts. The bungee trampoline in Beston is made up of a support system, a pulley system to anchor and retract bungee cords, a trampoline on which jumpers bounce on, a harness that attach jumpers to the cord and structure, and a winch to put tension on the bungee cords by pulling on them through the pulley.

Bungee Trampoline for Sale
BNBT-1A Bungee Trampoline for Sale

Product Information:

Type: BNBT-1A
Capacity: 4 person
Height: 4 m
Trampoline Shape: rectangle
Area Requirement: 8m*8m

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Attention before Buying Children Bungee Trampoline from Beston

  1. Although Beston children trampoline is a safe and fun fairground ride, there are some points that you should consider before buying them.
  2. Is there enough space in your funfair or fairground? Bungee trampoline require a space of at least 8m*8m.
  3. At the same time, there should be enough space for people to move around at the outside of the attraction.
  4. Also, the funfair should have enough height clearance with about 7-meter clear headroom without overhanging trees, cables or other barriers.
  5. The ground must be level.

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Safety Tips

  1. The bungee trampoline can’t be used by people with more than 90kg in weight.
  2. The ride should be used by anyone who has the following conditions: broken bones, heart disease, back or neck problems, pregnancy, fear of height, etc.

Advantages of Beston Bungee Trampoline for Sale

  1. All jumpers of Beston bungee trampolines are harnessed by elastics and mountaineering ropes, so don’t worry about safety problem. Even people with certain disabilities will be able to enjoy the fun of this fairground ride! This is a great way to boost children’s confidence and provide them with an experience they will never ever forget.
  2. Our bungee trampoline is a great attraction in a funfair by getting children soaring and turning through the air! There are always many children waiting in queue at the bungee trampoline where they can bounce, flip and turn in the air freely. To make your funfair attract more young visitors, why not buy some children bungee trampoline from Beston?
  3. Bungee Trampoline funfair ride in our company is manufactured from 1.5mm anti-rust high-duty steel and is coated with galvanized zinc. The trampoline spring bar material is PVC, and it is tough and durable. With the aid of bungee ropes, children are able to reach new heights that they would not be able to achieve on a regular trampoline. With the added safety of the harness, they are also able to do flips and other maneuvers! Children who ride Beston funfair bungee trampoline can also control the ride’s height through pressing the button. Therefore, Beston children funfair ride bungee trampoline is not only a high energy activity, but also is a fun form of exercise. Welcome to your consulting with our bungee trampoline for sale!

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