Classic Amusement Park Rides for Sale

Classic amusement park rides for sale refer to these amusement rides that are very familiar to people around the world, but still have huge market vitality. The reason some amusement park rides are labeled as “classic” is that their popularity has never gone down since they first appeared in the circle of amusement rides. Beston rides are popular among the world. We can say that they have experienced the test of time no matter in the safety or enjoyment and have become a must-have in any amusement park, theme park, fair, funfair, fairground or carnival. If you are looking for elegant carousel rides, mighty Ferris wheels, thrilling roller coasters or distinctive amusement trains, then here is one professional amusement equipment manufacturer that probably helps you. That is Beston amusement equipment Co., Ltd.

Classic Roller Coaster in amusement park
Classic Roller Coaster from Beston

Product Information:

Type: BNRC-24A
Capacity: 24 persons
Power: 120KW
Track Length: 730m
Area: 155*55m
Time per Circle: 138s

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3 Popular Types of Classic Amusement Park Rides from Beston Group

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Categories of Beston Classic Amusement Park Rides for Sale

Beston is an enterprise that specializes in manufacturing various kinds of amusement park rides in China, especially classic amusement park rides. These classic fair rides mainly include carousel rides, roller coaster rides, Ferris wheels or amusement trains.

Following are detailed information to several types of classic amusement park rides produced by Beston amusement equipment. If you are interested in them, welcome to contact with us at any time. Looking forward to your inquiry.

Amusement Park Ferris Wheel for Sale
Amusement Park Ferris Wheel

Product Information:

Type: BNFW-36A
Diameter: 50m
Height: 52m
Cabin Number: 36
Area: 33 m * 28m
Power: 12kW

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Beston 42-meter Ferris Wheel for Sale
42-meter Ferris Wheel for Sale

Product Information:

Type: BNFW-24D
Height: 42m
Diameter: 38m
Cabin Number: 24
Capacity: 96 persons
Area: 28 *31m
Power: 16kw

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Amusement Park Train for Sale
Amusement Park Train

Product Information:

Type: BNAT-18B
Coach Number: 4
Max Speed: 20km/h
Weight: 2300kg
Capacity: 18 persons

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Features of Classic Amusement Park Rides for Sale from Beston

  1. Having designed and manufactured carousel rides, roller coaster rides, Ferris wheels or amusement trains for more than 10 years, Beston is an experienced amusement equipment company. As classic amusement park rides, the four types of amusement rides take up a large share in Beston’s domestic and overseas market. Meanwhile, they have complete manufacturing system, stable sales volume and mature market.
  2. There are various specifications for each kind of classic carnival rides, for example, our carousel rides can be divided 8-seat, 12-seat, 16 -seat, 24-seat, or 36-seat; our roller coasters include giant thrilling ones for adults and small ones for children; or some of our amusement trains are track trains while others are trackless trains. Anyway, classic amusement park rides from Beston are able to meet our clients’ different demands in the greatest degree. If you don’t like our existing design, we can design and produce products according to your requirements, such as, to change products’ color, to add or remove some parts, to alter shapes of products and so on.
  3. We have our own manufacturing base where there are a group of professional designers and dedicated workers who devote much time and energy to designing and manufacturing top-ranking classic fair rides. Our staff are hard-working and rigorous in the process of working, and this ensures the good quality of classic fairground rides and and high efficiency of production. Therefore, if you are intended to buy proper classic fair rides with favorable prices for your amusement parks or funfairs, it is not a bad advice to cooperate with Beston-a professional amusement park rides manufacturer.
Classic Merry Go Round
Merry Go Round

Product Information:

Type: BNC-12A
Diameter: 5m
Height: 4.8m
Speed: 1.2m/s
Power: 4kw
Voltage: 380v

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Unique Advantages of Beston Classic Amusement Park  Rides for Sale

  • With a long history in amusement park rides industry, these classic amusement park rides possess everlasting charm, and play an indispensable role in improving the popularity of your parks or fairgrounds. That benefits from their own unique advantages.
  • Classic amusement park rides (carousel, Ferris wheel, roller coaster, and amusement trains) carry their own attractiveness, which always tempt visitors in amusement parks to have a try. For example, rotatory carousel rides with beautiful appearances and merry songs reminds visitors of their carefree childhood; Ferris wheels looks romantic and enchanting; undulating roller coasters are exhilarating; and amusement trains are funny and interesting.
  • As classic fair rides, their names have been heard for too many times, so these items have left an indelible impression on people. Most of people know how fun they are or what experiences they will bring for customers. What’s more, classic amusement rides are always the focus of one amusement park or funfair, which naturally helps them capture much attention and bring quite a lot potential customers.

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