Coin-operated Kiddie Rides for Sale

Coin-operated kiddie rides refer to those amusement rides that are operated by inserting coins, and the ride’s running time depends on the number of inserted coins. If you want to the ride run more time, you need to cost more coins. When activated by a coin, the coin-operated kiddie ride will entertain the rider with motion. Beston offers various coin-operated kiddie rides, and they can be used indoors and outdoors. Welcome to browse more information about coin-operated kiddie rides for sale in Beston.

Kids Excavator Rides from Beston Amusement
BKER-01 Kids Excavator Rides from Beston Amusement

Product Information:

Type: BNSM
Capacity: 1 kid
Size: 1.05m*1.05m*0.68m
Material: FRP
Max Load: 60kg

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Nowadays, some more advanced rides do not usually start as soon as coins are inserted. Instead, they prompt the rider to press the “start” button and allow the rider to seat himself/herself well before staring the ride. In some occasions, Beston coin-operated amusement rides for kiddies also give a message signal before starting to move and when it ends to let riders prepare themselves emotionally.

Coin-operated Kids Excavator Ride for Sale
Coin-operated Kids Excavator Ride

Product Information

Type: BNCR-E
Size: 2.5m*1m*1.3m
Max Height: 1.98m
Duration Time: 8h
Overall Weight: 315kg
Power: 1.58kw
Voltage: 220v

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Mini Excavator Ride With Coin-Operated
EKR- 02 Mini Excavator Ride With Coin-Operated

Product Information:

Model: BNHR-1A
Size: 1.6*0.9*1.4m
Capacity: 1 kid
Power: 0.5kw
Voltage: 12V

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Types of Beston Coin-operated Kiddie Rides for Sale

Many types of Beston amusement rides can be designed into coin-operated mode, especially kiddie rides, because coin-operated kiddie rides for sale are money-saving to those kids who want to have a try for the ride each time when they see it. Beston coin-operated kiddie rides currently include coin-operated carousels for sale, coin-operated bumper cars, coin-operated kiddie swing machine, and coin operated kid’s excavator rides.

excavator rides for kids manufacturer Beston group
EKR- 03 excavator rides for kids manufacturer Beston group

Product Information:

Type: BNC-3D
Capacity: 3kids
Diameter: 1.4m
Power: 1.5-3kw
Voltage: 220v/380v

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Features of Beston Coin-operated Kiddie Rides for Sale

  • With the start button and pause button;
  • With safety sensors that detect if there is something obstructing the ride’s movement;
  • With overload sensors that give a warning if the rider’s weight is beyond the ride’s load-bearing capacity;
  • With smooth operation to safeguard children’s body and emotion;
  • With LED lights and music player;
  • With lovely shape or appearance.
EKR- 04 kids-excavator-rides-for-sale-cheap-in-Beston-group

Product Information:

Type: BNTR-2A
Size: 1.6*0.9*1.4m
Capacity: 2 persons
Power: 0.5-1 kw
Voltage: 12V

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BND- 01 Beston-diggers-for-kids

Product Information:

Type: BNCR-2A
Size: 1.8*0.9*1.7m
Capacity: 2 kids
Power: 0.5-1kw
Voltage: 12V

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Advantages of Beston Coin-operated Kiddie Rides for Sale

This kind of kiddie rides is popular in modern time, for they are convenient and cheap. For small children’s parents, to satisfy their children’s desire to try this kid of coin ride, they only need to spend several coins. It is not only money-saving, but also brings a lot of fun to children, which is a win-win thing. On the other side, the owner of Beston coin operated kiddie rides for sale will never lose customers. Although each riding earns little money, ceaseless customers can bring quite a lot profits.

Beston Kiddie Diggers with High Quality
BNDR-01 Beston Kiddie Diggers with High Quality

Also, Beston coin-operated kiddie amusement ride doesn’t cost too much money because it belongs to small or medium-sized amusement ride and the cost is relatively low compared with other Beston kiddie rides for sale, like roller coasters and Ferris wheels. Beston coin-operated kiddie rides are easy and safe to operate, and also requires a small area. If you need such one kiddie amusement ride, welcome to choose any type of coin-operated kiddie rides for sale from Beston Amusement Equipment.

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