Go Karts for Sale

Go karts for sale from Beston Amusement, one of the most popular rides for kids in the amusement parks and funfairs. It is a type of kiddie rides that is similar with bumper cars. There are many different types of go karts for sale in our factory. Want to purchase some new go karts for your business? Welcome to contact Beston Team now!

Kids Go Karts for Sale
BJ-SKD03 Kids Go Karts

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Two Seat Go Karts from Beston
BJ-SKD03 Two Seat Go Karts

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Classifications of Beston Go Karts for Sale

As a large amusement rides manufacturer and supplier, Beston Amusement designing and producing all kinds of go-karts for sale in our workshop. Here I will give a detailed introduction about the go karts you can buy, some of these go karts are in stock, some of them can be customized according to your requirement, size, color and etc.

New Go Karts from Beston
BNGK-01 New Go Karts

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Beston Go Karts for Sale
BJ-SKD01 Beston Go Karts

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New Go Karts Divided By Size

There are many different types of new go karts when we divided them by size, such as, big go-karts, small size go karts, mini kids go karts and also kiddie go karts and adults go karts. When you need to buy these go karts for your business, you need to know where you will use these go karts, shopping centers, parks or your yard at home? Then you will have a better decision on choosing which types of go karts to buy and how many sets of go karts you can get from our factory.

Beston Go Karts Divided By Power

There are mainly two types of go karts when divided by power, they are electric go karts and gas powered go karts. On one hand, electric type go karts are cheaper that the gas powered go karts and they are powered by electricity. Electric go karts are suitable for kids and they are safe for kids. On the other hand, gas go karts for sale which also called motorized go karts are much expensive than the electric go karts. Unlike the electric powered go karts, gas powered go karts often used for racing. They are much more popular among athlete. When you need to buy these go karts, you should consider where will you use and then make a better decision before buying.

Two Seat Go Karts for Sale
BJ-SKD04 Two Seat Go Karts

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New Go Karts for Sale
BJ-SKD02 New Go Karts

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Gas Powered Go Karts for Sale Categories

According to the standard, Beston producing many gas powered go karts, such as 50cc go karts, 100cc go karts 125cc go kart, 150 cc go kart, 200cc go kart, 250cc go kart , 200cc go kart , 400cc go kart for sale, 110cc go kart and 1000cc go kart for sale. Go karts with lower power will be cheaper than the higher power. You can choose these go karts according to your requirement.

Commercial Grade and Private Use Electric Go Karts

We are manufacturer and producing all kinds of go karts for commercial business and also home use. Commercial grade electric go karts will use large motors with a range from 800cc to 1500 cc and even more. Commercial grades go karts are more expensive than the private go karts. When you need to buy these go karts, please be mentions which type you need for business or just home use.

The structure design of this go kart is relatively simple. It consists of steel pipe frame, steering system pedal, fuel tank, driver’s seat, bumper and other components. And the operation of this amusement device is relatively simple. Even a novice, as long as you tell the simple operation method, you can quickly get started.

Go karts are easy to drive, safe and exciting. When wearing protective helmets and gloves, the driver only needs to remember the left foot brake and the right foot gas pedal.

The chassis of go karts is very low, only 4 centimeters above the ground, and the runway is smooth and flat. Once it slips out of the runway, the kart will automatically stop and stop moving without overturning, ensuring the safety of the driver.

How to Play Go Karts?

The operation of the go-kart is left foot brake and right-foot throttle. The direction control is slightly different from that of the car. The steering wheel of the go-kart is steered 1: 1, which is more flexible in steering. Because the chassis of the kart is relatively low and is only a few centimeters from the ground, the runway must be smooth and flat. In addition to the roar of the kart, the experience is not as enjoyable as usual.

Go karts, a kind of amusement equipment designed and produced by Beston Amusement for customers. It is constantly innovated in technology and developed with new processes. It is more superior in performance and more humane in operation. It is an ideal choice for some customers.

Cases of Go Karts from Beston Amusement Equipment

We had exported many sets of off road go karts with high quality to different countries, such as Australia, South Africa, Pakistan, Canada, USA, UK, Japan, Dubai, Nigeria, Malaysia and etc. Some of our customers buy our 4 seater go karts for their amusement park business, some of them buy our 2 seater go karts for their family centers while others are using the 1 and 2 seater go karts for their kids birthday party. We had received many feedbacks from these customer. Some of them even purchase go karts more than twice.

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