Loop O Plane Carnival Rides for Sale from Beston

The Loop O Plane is a popular amusement park ride in Betson Amusement Equipment Company. As a kind of thrill carnival ride, it is suitable for young people who seek excitement. An updated version of this ride exists known as the Roll O Plane. Some of the surviving machines were also converted into a variation named Rock O Plane. Your amusement parks must need the loop o plane ride which will appeal to a lot of people who like to take adventures. More and more people enter to your carnivals, and you can earn untold money! So, buying our loop o plane equipment is the first step to success. Don’t hesitate! Please contact us freely, and you can get the price and details!

Loop O Plane Rides for Sale
Loop O Plane Rides for Sale

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What Is the Loop O Plane ride?

Seeing from the appearance, loop o plane carnival ride is like a combination of two pirate ship rides with a shape of X. Loop O plane rides can rotate by 360 degree, and reach more than ten meters in its highest point. The ride has two 16-foot long arms, each with an enclosed car at one end and a counterweight at the other. Each car holds four riders seated in pairs facing opposite directions making the maximum occupancy eight riders. Propelled by an electric motor, the arms swing in directions opposite to each other until they ‘loop’ taking the riders upside down. The minimum rider height requirement is 46 inches tall. When the seats are parallel to the ground, riders will scream and feel very excited.

The Advantages of Loop O Plane in Beston

  1. Very experienced.Design and manufacture professional amusement equipment for fifteen years.
  2. With colorful and attractive appearance. Our loop o plane has novel appearance and beautiful colors. Our loop o plane rides haveLED lights and music, in the night, the rides can appeal many people’s eyes.
  3. The main body is made of fiberglass reinforced plastics (FRP)and steel structures, which is friendly to the environment and resistant to corrosion; The middle part is made of steel while the decorative part and cabins are FRP materials.
  4. Accept customization. The colors, modelsand cabins all can be customized.
  5. Very exciting. Move up and down when rotating by 360 degree;
  6. Easily operation. Speed can be controlled and adjusted;

The History of Loop O Plane

Loop O Plane was invented by Lee Eyerly and manufactured by the Eyerly Aircraft Company of Salem, Oregon, in 1933. The ride was immediately popular with customers and became a staple of amusement parks. The ride was imported into Europe, where it was first used in the UK in 1937.

The Features of Loop O Plane Carnival Ride in Beston

  • Attractive appearances. Beston loop o plane often come with colorful and novel designs to attract people’s attention. Our loop o plane rides are equipped with flashing LED light, and are painted in bright colors. Music player usually playing happy music. The loop o plane carnival ride is an exciting and romantic amusement ride which is very popular in amusement parks, theme parks, carnivals and some other places.
  • Top quality materials. All of our loop o plane rides are made of high quality and environmentally friendly materials to make them safe and durable, so they can service a long life, and thus create a long term revenue for your amusement rides business.
  • High capacity. We have loop o plane rides with plane shaped cabins, each of which can hold two people. So it can accommodate many people at one time, as an amusement rides businessman, you can earn more money!
  • Widely used. It can be installed in amusement parks, parks, square and other indoor and outdoor places.

Applications of Beston Loop O Plane for Sale

loop o plane rides produced in Beston Company for outdoor use. In generally, Beston loop o plane for sale are widely applied in the shopping market, squares, parks, amusement parks, fairgrounds and other places where there are many people each day.

Why to Buy the Loop O Plane for Your Amusement Park

Firstly, the loop o plane is a necessary amusement ride for amusement parks, theme parks, carnivals. Like roller coasters, carousels and bumper cars, the loop o plane is also welcomed by many people. Some people visit an amusement park in hope to experience the loop o plane.

Secondly, a loop o plane is at least 25-meter high, and it towers over most rides in an amusement park or carnival. This shows that the loop o plane is a prominent landmark and people can see it from a distance. This not only adds charm to your amusement park, but also makes your park known by more and more people.

Thirdly, the loop o plane ride for sale is a thrilling amusement park ride. It can rise up to over 20 meters and that’s also the reason people call it “swing tower”. If riders have their eyes open, they can see the scenery far away from them. In an amusement park, both thrilling rides are needed. As a thrill ride, the loop o plane is complementary to other small and medium rides suitable for adults.

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If you are interested in our Loop O Plane Rides for sale in Beston, welcome to contact us! And we will give you the high quality amusement rides and best services.

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