Mini Roller Coasters for Sale

Mini roller coaster in Beston is a new type of entertainment device which drives on the interchange track. It consists of beautiful-shaped, composition of different styles, mighty fleet of sports cars. Each driver runs simultaneously, along the track direction of automatic steering. The shuttle is marked with a modern interchange track, with colorful lights, sound and children cartoon paintings, in order to let the children experience the feeling of time and space over the mountains and leap. It is well enjoyed by children. When you need to buy mini roller coaster for sale, welcome to contact Beston.

Mini Shuttle Kiddie Roller Coaster Rides
MSKPC-01 Mini Shuttle Kiddie Roller Coaster Rides

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The Description of Mini Shuttle Kids Roller Coasters

As a classic amusement rides, mini shuttle roller coaster is designed with interchange track. There are a series of electric cars running in a queue on this special grade-separated track designed with spiral ups and downs. It is always composed of several (generally 14-20 sets) electric cars and miscellaneous types and attractive appearance, it can convert its direction automatically along the track, which is appealing to both children and adults. What’s more, the modern logos, such as beautiful music and famous cartoons, colorful LED lights, make this mini shuttle kids roller coaster more attractive and children’s favorite.

Technical Parameters of Mini Shuttle Kiddie Roller Coaster Rides

Mini Shuttle Roller Coaster in Beston
MSKPC-02 Mini Shuttle Roller Coaster in Beston

Speed: 6~7 Km/h

Capacity: 32 Persons

Uphill Angle: 11°30’

Rated Power: 8 kw

Covering Area: 18 m x 10 m

Overhead Height: 2 m

Width and Length of the Track: 1.1 m*74 m

The Number of Sports Cars: 16(10-16 cars)

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Why Customers Buy Mini Roller Coaster in Beston

  1. High quality, competitive price, imitate animal shape, colorful, novel design, safe and reliable.
  2. And the cabins adopt high quality FRP material (standard 5-6mm fiberglass reinforced plastics), environment protection, anti-corrosion, good stability and attractive appearance. It attracts kids’ attention!
  3. Beston is original equipment manufacturer in Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, China and accepts customers’ customized design.
  4. Smooth weld track without any welding slag & each weld must be tested by crack detection.
  5. It is equipped with advanced audio, positioning, lighting, timing functions.
  6. Beston group adopts high quality car painting with electrostatic spray paint. The paint is baked with high temperature, and is non-fading.
  7. Beston adopts advanced manufacturing technique and has powerful and professional technology R&D team.
  8. Perfect packaging, fast and on-time delivery, excellent after-sales service.
  9. It is suitable for amusement parks, plaza, and theme park, indoor and outdoor playground.
  10. Our roller coaster sells well in Middle East, Africa, Russia, Southeast Asia, etc. We have a good reputation in the overseas.
Beston Mini Shuttle Small Roller Coaster
MSKPC-03 Beston Mini Shuttle Small Roller Coaster

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Application Of Mini Roller Coaster For Sale

Beston mini roller coaster is much popular among children and their families, because it is thrilling and interesting amusement ride. The mini roller coasters are suit for big theme park, indoor and outdoor playground, amusement park, playground and tourist attraction etc.

Advantages Of Beston Mini Shuttle Roller Coaster

  1. Beston mini shuttle roller coasters have different kinds of themes for you to choose.
  2. Attractive appearance to kids. Our mini shuttle roller coaster has colorful appearances and unique shape which can attract both kids and adults.
  3. Quick and great returns. Since kids roller coaster for sale in Beston are sold at cheap prices with high quality, with low investment, you can own these popular money-makers, sucking much money from parents’ pockets for the needs of their children.
  4. High-quality. The vehicles, whether in fruit worm, wacky worm/caterpillar, dragon or racing car form, are made of endurable materials like fiberglass reinforced plastic(FRP), and are painted with vibrant colors which make the animals or cars vivid and shinning. In addition, the tracks are made of stainless steel, which are also test and proved to bear the required weight.
  5. Customized products. As introduced above, Beston group offer different kinds of mini roller coaster rides for children. Quantity of the cabins and length of the track can be customize. Length and width of the mini shuttle roller coaster rides can be customized.
  6. Best services. No matter you are new in this area or not, no matter where are you from, Beston strives to provide you the best pre-sale and after-sale service, concerning all issues like the information of the products, the shipment, the installment, and the operation of your own parks. We are always here for you.
  7. Other advantages. Our kids roller coaster are equipped with audio, light, which work well to attract attention of children from far away. Besides, you can set the running time section for each ride.
Mini Shuttle Kids Roller Coasters in Beston
MSKPC-04 Mini Shuttle Kids Roller Coasters in Beston

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Service Of Beston Mini Roller Coaster For Sale

  • Creative Designers program your indoor or outdoor site, then they will design customized kids roller coaster according to your demand.
  • Guarantee of ride is 12 months, during this period the unartificial faults of all components is free to change.
  • More than 10 professional technicians and special hot-line help installation.
  • The positive pre-sales, during sales, as well as After-sales service.
  • The regular survey for Beston small roller coaster analysis&suggestion on operation.
  • Profound marketing strategy help clients make profit.
  • Technician training for operation and maintenance.
Mini Kids Roller Coaster with High Quality
MSKPC-05 Mini Kids Roller Coaster with High Quality

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Mini Roller Coaster Manufacturer – Beston Amusement Equipment Company

Beston Mini Roller Coaster, as a large and mini roller coaster rides manufacturer, also producing different kinds of mini shuttle coaster for kids. We have many models for these mini shuttle coasters with high quality and factory prices. Amusement rides small roller coasters for sale can be driven fast along a long special aerial railway, with one ring or two rings in different speed and degree. In Beston warehouse, they can be produced according to the dimension of the yard and your requirement, which is widely welcomed by kids. Beston Amusement Equipment Company, as one of the largest amusement park large amusement rides manufacturer has designing and producing many sets of large and small roller coasters. Our small roller coaster rides are attractive and novel to kids. We are aiming at making the most durable and high quality mini shuttle kids roller coasters for our customers. Our mini shuttle kids roller coasters are popular in the large backyard and squares, funfairs, amusement parks. Welcome to buy smaller roller coaster rides for backyard use now! Need to buy mini shuttle roller coaster for your amusement parks? Contact Beston Roller Coaster Now!

Mini shuttle roller coaster can be the most classic track structure for kids. Our mini shuttle equipment are widely used in the small amusement parks, kiddie areas in the large amusement parks, funfairs, carnivals, playgrounds, family centers and other outdoor or indoor sites. Welcome to email or call us or send us your inquiry or come to have a visit on our factory.

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