Modern Times Ride for Sale

Modern times rides in beston are the new amusement rides which manufactures by the professional workers. It is a kind of classic amusement ride which is popular among fairground with its vintage appearance. This new amusement ride is also a kind of the automatic control mechanical rides and equipped with grand appearance and novel function. Appearance and cockpits of this ride is made according to the royal carriage in England. Passengers could control the running height of this carnival ride. During the operating process, people will have a feeling that they are dancing in the sky slowly and freely. Want to buy attractive amusement ride from Beston in cheap price? Choose Beston Modern Times Ride for Sale!

High Quality Modern Times Rides for Sale
BMTR-01 High Quality Modern Times Rides for Sale

Model: BMTR-01

Diameter: 11 m

Height: 6.5 m

Power: 12 kW

Voltage: 380 V

Capacity: 12 persons

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The Brief Introduction of Modern Time Rides

The modern times ride is a rotating swing rides in amusement parks. With beautiful LED lights decorations, this ride is very attractive and pretty beautiful in the night as well. Modern time rides have the same working principle with paratrooper ride or samba balloon rides in Beston Group which are very suitable for all ages’ people to play on it. Like samba balloon rides, modern time rides have a fixed axis in the middle and 6 carriages. This fairground ride mainly has 6 cabins that we always call these cabin the carriage, each of these carriage could contains 3-4 people. Modern times in Beston is made of quality fiberglass and steel.

Parameters of Modern Times Amusement Rides In Beston

Cheap Beston Modern Times Rides
BMTR-02 Cheap Beston Modern Times Rides

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Model BMTR-02
Cabin No. 6
Capacity 18-24
Diameter 9m
Height 6.5m
Voltage 380V
Power 12KW
Speed 3.5 circle/s
Area 11*11m (include fence)

Specials Features of Beston Amusement Modern Times Rides

Top quality materials. Beston theme park modern times rides are of high quality materials such as strong steels, fiberglass reinforced plastics, and durable painting. All these make your modern times rides durable for a long period of time and generate money for you for long terms.

Can be customized. All our modern times rides can be customized to meet your specific needs for your amusement rides businesses, regarding sizes, colors, and so on.

Dazzling lights and popular music. Beston modern times rids has bright lights and music players. These add more flavor to the rides especially at night.

Splendid appearances. As stated above, Beston built modern times rides look like the royal carriages in all aspects. And this classic appearance will definitely draw great attentions of people.

Interactive rides. Modern times rides allow riders to control the height of their carriages as well as shake it a little bit. And at the same time, the whole ride is rotaing around the central axis.

Great custom support. Beston group is top manufacturer and supplier of amusement park rides, and we offer all around services to our customers, from helping designing indoor and out parks to providing professional installation guides.

High return. Beston modern times rides can contain a lot of money at the same time. Besides, modern times rides in Beston is cheap but still high quality, so you can earn the cost back.

Beston Modern Times Rides in Beston
BMTR-03 Beston Modern Times Rides in Beston

Model: BMTR-03

Diameter: 11 m

Height: 6.5 m

Power: 12 kW

Voltage: 380 V

Capacity: 12 persons

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Application of Beston Modern Times Rides for Sale

With its attractive appearance, the modern times ride is popular among outdoor and indoor playground, amusement parks, carnivals, state fairs, large squares and other fairground places. Among the new fairground rides, modern times is more attractive in appearance, it gives people a new version on amusement rides. Modern times could running in the sky with its carriage, it could also running on the ground. It is one of the safety amusement ride for passengers even small kids. So people in all ages can play this amusement parks.

Tips That You Should Know about Riding Modern Times Rides

Passengers should be told not to turn on seat belts, safety bars and other devices without permission during the ride. In addition, passengers have to wait for the equipment to stop completely before coming down.

When riding the amusement facilities, passengers should put large items on the designated shelves and keep them in the custody of the staff to avoid falling off their bodies while riding.

Beston Modern Times Rides for Sale with Reasonable Price
BMTR-04 Beston Modern Times Rides for Sale with Reasonable Price

Model: BMTR-04

Diameter: 11m

Height: 6.5m

Power: 12KW

Voltage: 380V

Capacity: 18 persons

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How Does the Modern Times Rides Work?

When it comes to working principles, modern life allows passengers to control the height of a vehicle. In addition, they can shake the carriage at will. All these movements are possible just by pushing buttons in passenger’s carriages by riders.

To be exact, there are three buttons in each carriage to separately control the rising, falling and shaking movements of the carriage. And while riders move up and down their carriages, their carriages also rotate around the central axis at the same time.

So with all these motions, riders can feel like riding carriages high in the air. And to some extent, riding Beston modern times amusement rides make riders dreams come true: riding royal carriages and riding in the air like magic.

Therefore, when the train starts, the carriages will leave the ground and start rotating.

Then, when the passenger presses the button, the carriages moves up and down, or wobbles accordingly.

Buy Modern Times Rides from Beston Group

As a leading and professional modern time rides manufacturer from China, Beston supply different kinds of amusement rides, carnival rides, theme park rides and some funfair rides for sale with best quality and in favored price. Beston Amusement Equipment Company has more than 10 yeas experiences in manufacturing amusement ride and exports to other countries. We have many professional technicians on our sales team, who can work with customers to determine what the best for their amusement rides businesses is. At last but not the least, the experienced workers and technicians in our factory are committed to designing, producing attractive, top quality modern time rides to meet the demands of our customers.

If you want buy some modern time rides for sale for your amusement parks, please find Beston Group. With more than 20 years’ manufacturing and selling experiences, Beston supply high quality modern time rides for sale in affordable price. In recent years, this spinning rides becomes a good hit in China. Beston modern time amusement park rides for sale is in good quality and affordable price, welcome to buy this ride from our company. If you are interested in this amusement park rides, please contact us or leave your inquiry on our website.

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