Samba Balloon Ride for Sale

Samba balloon ride is one of the hot-selling family amusement rides in an amusement park,and game zone. With an attractive appearance and interesting movement, people of all ages like this ride. Adults and children can play together, so this ride can increase fun for the whole family. This product can be placed in the theme park, amusement park, and community. Beston Company has produced this kind of product for many years, mainly including samba balloon ride, jellyfish spinning ride, self-control plane rides and ocean walking ride. If you have needs, please contact us!

High Quality Samba Balloon Rides for Sale
SBR-01 High Quality Samba Balloon Rides for Sale

Model:  SBR-01
Height: 10.8M
Voltage: 380V
Power: 20KW
Capacity: 32 persons
Lifting Time: About 5 Minutes

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Sky Samba Balloon Rides for Sale

Compare with the common samba balloon rides, this sky samba balloon takes little space than common samba balloon rides. Only one upright support will hold its weight. In addition, this type of new ride also belong to the family fun rides, a little thrill fun but still safe enough for kids and your families. Now we just have one model for the sky samba balloon rides, 8 cabins which could contains 4 passengers for each. Total capacity is 32. It is a large capacity amusement park rides.

The Brief Introduction of Beston Samba Balloon Rides

Samba balloon ride combine the colorful balloons with beautiful cockpits. It is the smaller vision of the swing chair and safer for kids with its lower height of the cabin. Generally speaking, the samba balloon ride could be equipped with 4, 6 or even 8 cabins and balloons. Each of the cabin could contains 4 people. Samba balloon rides are slowly gathering popularity in amusement parks. These allow children to obtain fun in the company of the friends or parents. One of many reasons these balloon rides have gained popularity is always that, they give more than simply racing. They simulate a real heat balloon that soars from the air giving riders a breathtaking view and enjoyable ride concurrently. During the operating process, passengers in the cabin will feel like they are dancing “Samba”. That’s why amusement rides manufacturers call it the samba balloon ride.

High Quality Samba Balloon Rides for Sale in Beston
SBR-02 High Quality Samba Balloon Rides for Sale in Beston

Model: SBR-02
Total height: 3.5m
Diameter: 9m
Rising height: 1.5m
Power: 11KW
Voltage: 380V
Cockpit: No.: 8
Capacity: 24 persons

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The Operating Principle of Balloon Ride for Sale

Samba balloon ride includes a spinning turntable and various absorbing cabins. The operating principle of balloon ride is as follows: the hydraulic cylinder jacks up central frame of large arm; the motor drives gear to move, and then pushes the large arm to revolve. Little arm is connected with large arm through cross axle. Large arm spurs little arm to swing. Also, the samba balloon ride comes along with features including the power to tilt, rotate inside a circular motion as well as move down and up equally as a true hot air balloon does. When it operates, the whole equipment will goes up and down in 1 to 1.5 meters. The central axle and large arm are ornamented with colored LED lamps, even more alluring and spectacular when lit up at night.

Beston High Quality Samba Balloon Rides Manufacturer

Beston Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd is a top manufacturer and supplier of amusement rides in China, providing various quality carnival rides for customers all over the world, from classic amusement rides to fairground rides. As an experienced manufacturer of samba balloon rides, Beston has exported samba balloon rides to customers all over the world and has won the recognition of customers for its reputation. Beston always pays great attention to producing and providing high quality samba balloon rides to customers overseas. And it is a win-win strategy for Beston as well as our customers worldwide. Since all the samba balloon rides are built and assembled in our own factory, Beston offers you high quality samba balloon rides at lower prices than our competitors. Beston is looking forward to establishing long term businesses relationship with you.

Beston Samba Balloon Rides for Sale in Beston
SBR-03 Beston Samba Balloon Rides for Sale in Beston

Model: SBR-03
Size: 8.5m
Height: 3.5m
Power: 11KW
Voltage: 380V
Capacity:32 persons
Cabin no.:8
Speed: 1.9m/s
Area: Diameter 12m

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Special Advantages of Samba Balloon Rides in Beston

  • Bright lights and catchy music. Beston samba balloon rides are equipped with brilliant lights on the samba balloon, which can attract more people to the amusement parks at nights. In addition, Beston samba balloon rides have installed music players to add more fun for your guests,.
  • Our samba balloon rides in Beston have cheap price. Beston builds and assemble samba balloon rides in own factory in China, and this can save you a lot of agency fees. But you can still get the high quality samba balloon rides for sale.
  • High quality materials. Beston samba balloon rides are made of high quality fiberglass reinforced plastic and high standard steels, and fade-less paintings. All these make sure your samba balloon rides will entertain your guests with longer time and generate more money for you.
  • Qualified motors. For a amusement industry businessman, you know that motors are of high importance when it comes to operation of amusement mechanical rides. Beston samba balloon rides are powered by quality motors with qualifications.
  • All around services. As a professional amusement rides manufacturer, Beston offers best pre-sales and after-sales services for you, so you can have ab all-around understanding of the sales process .
Beston Best Samba Balloon Rides for Sale in Beston
SBR-04 Beston Best Samba Balloon Rides for Sale in Beston

Model: SBR-04
Capacity: 32 persons
Diameter: 10 m
Area: 12*12 m
Height: 4 m
Speed: 1.9 m/s
Power: 11 kw
Voltage: 380v
Material: steel & FRP
Color: customized

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Features of Beston Amusement Samba Balloon Ride For Sale

  1. Colorful lights and music insert CD will adding more joys for passengers in the amusement and theme parks who want to ride this samba balloon ride.
  2. Glass fiber reinforced plastic & galvanized steel material allows the ride to serve long and safely. Samba Balloon Rides from Beston are all made of fiberglass reinforced plastics and quality stainless steel which will adding safety rate for passengers.
  3. Reliable quality at lowest price. Quantity of samba balloon cabin could be customized according to your special request.
  4. All-round services. We will support free spare parts & CD for step by step installation to our customers.
  5. Can be customized. Our customers can choose the size, color and theme of the samba balloon ride for sale in Beston.
SBR-04 Beston Good Samba Balloon Rides for Sale in Beston
SBR-05 Beston Good Samba Balloon Rides for Sale in Beston

Model: SBR-05
Total height: 3.5m
Diameter: 9m
Rising height: 1.5m
Power: 11KW
Voltage: 380V
Cockpit No.: 8
Capacity: 24 persons

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High Quality Samba Balloon Rides for Sale in Beston Company
SBR-06 High Quality Samba Balloon Rides for Sale in Beston Company

Model: SBR-06
Total height: 3.5m
Diameter: 9m
Rising height: 1.5m
Power: 11KW
Voltage: 380V
Cockpit No.: 8
Capacity: 24 persons

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The Frequent Questions about Buying Beston Samba Balloon Ride

Q:How About The Installation?

A:We will send you the installation videos and pictures for your workers. If you can’t install it by your side, we can dispatch engineer to your place to assist the installation (you need to pay fees for them).

Q:What Certificates You Have? Can Your Rides Exported to European Countries?

A:We have CE, BV and ISO9001 in hand. All our rides products have passed the related quality check and safety check. And our rides have been exported to Greece, Romania and Cyprus in former years.

Q:If The Rides Are Broken In One Year, How will You Repair It?

A;If the rides are broken naturally not by human, we will send you the parts free; but if it is broken by human, your side have to pay all the cost.

Q:Can It Be Customized?

A;All our rides can be customized according to your requirements.

The hot air balloon shaped gondolas appearing on the sky will attract all the kids. Both children and adults can enjoy samba balloon rides. Beston Company can provide high quality samba balloon rides for sale due to sufficient technical support and efficient services. Due to the highly popularity of the samba balloon rides, as shrewd amusement rides businessmen, you must have one in your profitable amusement rides parks. Beston samba balloon rides for sale is your perfect choice. Contact us as quickly as you can!

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