Amusement Ride Self-control Plane for Sale

As a classical amusement ride, Self-control Plane is always essential to an amusement park or fairground. All kids love planes, not to speak of driving plans. And, each cabin can carry two persons one time, this means that you can entertain more many customers at a time, which brings you great revenues. Beston is one of the top self-control plane rides manufacturers in the world and provides all models of funfair equipment for sale with the best quality. CHOOSE Beston, you will get the high quality self-control plane!

Beston Self-control Plane Ride for Amusement Park
BNSC-24A Beston Self-control Plane Ride for Amusement Park


Model: BNSC-24A
Swing Diameter: 16 m
Swing Speed: 400 m/min
Height: 7 m
Power: 25 KW
Capacity: 24 persons
Cover Area: 20 m*20 m
Lifetime: 8 years
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What is The Self-Control Plane Ride?

It is a popular amusement ride in theme parks, amusement parks, and gardens, plazas. Self-control plane ride often has 6, 8, or 12 radial arms fixed around a central axis, and at the end of each arm a plane shaped cabin is attached, and the cabins look like a real plane. The top part stands a rocket-shaped model. As for the capacity, each plane can accommodate two people. When the ride start, first the ride is activated, the central axis begins to rotate, and then the arms will rotate accordingly. Riders can push the buttons or control the levers in the planes, allowing the cabins rise or low, and that adds more fun. When people sit in it, the ride can rotate 360 degrees around the central axis, which it’s so cool and exciting!

Self-control Plane Rides in Beston
SPR-01 Self-control Plane Rides in Beston

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 Cheap Self-control Plane Rides in Beston
SPR-02 Cheap Self-control Plane Rides in Beston

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The  Information of  The Self-Control Plane Ride

Voltage: 380/220V 50HZ
Passengers: 16/20/24 persons
The height of rising: 3-5m
Height: 6.8m
Diameter: 8/10/12m
Turning speed: ≥2m/s
Time range: 1-5min (adjustable)
Power: 19kw
 High-quality Self-control Plane Rides in Beston
SPR-03 High-quality Self-control Plane Rides in Beston

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Features of Self-Control Plane Rides

  • The self-control plane ride is an exciting and romantic amusement ride which is very popular among the kids and adults.
  • Attractive appearances. Beston self-control plane rides often come with colorful and novel designs to attract people’s attention. Our self-control plane rides are equipped with flashing LED light, and are painted in bright colors. Music player playing happy music.
  • Top quality materials. All of our products are made of high quality and environmentally friendly materials to make them safe and durable, so they can service a long life, and thus create a long term revenue for your amusement rides business.
  • High capacity. We have self-control plane rides with 6, 8, 12 plane shaped cabins, each of which can hold two people. So it can accommodate many people at one time, as an amusement rides businessman, you can earn more money!
  • Widely used. It can be installed in amusement parks, parks, square and other indoor and outdoor places.

Significant Advantages of Amusement Rides Self-Control Plane in Beston

  • Beston always puts the safety of our self-control plane in the first place. Our experienced workers and technicians test again and again to ensure safety of our self –control plane rides.
  • We can provide you with kinds of attractive self-control planes: 8 arms (16 seats), 12 arms (24 seats), etc. Every arm has 1 cockpit with 2 seats. People can enjoy themselves with their companions in the same cockpit.
  • Exquisite workmanship, smooth surface with high-quality fiber reinforce plastic (FRP), various painting and designs are available for your choice.
  • Material of our amusement ride self-control plane is Fiberglass Reinforce Plastic and steel material: totally durable, firm and environmental.
  • There are LED lamps & anti-rust steel fence & electric cabin in the self-control plane.
  • Our self-control plane ride is equipped with gorgeous light and exciting music.
  • The self- control plane equipment is produced with meticulous workmanship: safety and reliability.
  • The self-control plane rides can be customized according to requirements. If you have any specific needs, we can customize products for you.

According to the prominent characteristics, Beston self-control plane is the ride which attracts most people, for example, amusement park, the carnival, playground, home entertainment center, and other places.

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