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Welcome to the official website of Beston Amusement Equipment Co.Ltd.! Beston is a company that specializes in manufacturing amusement rides, including amusement park rides, carnival rides, funfair rides, fairground rides, kiddie rides, thrill rides,etc. Beston Amusement Equipment has passed certification of ISO9001 and all of our products meet state quality standards. Now, a big discount plan for amusement rides for sale in stock is provided by Beston! If you want to learn more information about discount rides, send us an email now.

  • Big Discount For Beston Amusement Rides For Sale In Stock
    Big Discount For Beston Amusement Rides For Sale In Stock

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Being a top amusement rides manufacturer, Beston is able to supply our customers good-quality amusement park rides with the most favorable prices. Here you will find various types of amusement park items, such as Ferris wheels, carousels, roller coasters, amusement trains, pendulum swing rides, swing rides, bumper cars, breakdance rides and so on. Interested? Contact us! If you are looking for a trustworthy amusement eauipment supplier, Beston is really a good choice. Also, we can customize any amusement park ride according to our customers’ requirements or offer professional advice if our customers want to build an amusement park.

  • Free Amusement Park Design By Beston - 01
    Free Amusement Park Design By Beston - 01
  • Free Amusement Park Design By Beston - 02
    Free Amusement Park Design By Beston - 02
  • Free Amusement Park Design By Beston - 03
    Free Amusement Park Design By Beston - 03
  • Free Water Park Design By Beston - 01
    Free Water Park Design By Beston - 01
  • Free Water Park Design By Beston - 02
    Free Water Park Design By Beston - 02
  • Free Water Park Design By Beston - 03
    Free Water Park Design By Beston - 03

Why Buy Amusement Park Equipment from Beston?

  • We are a professional company devoted to ausement rides with years of experence;
  • Our amusement products cover a wide range of types, diverse in the variety;
  • We have our own factory and all goods are delivered directly from our factory;
  • Beston integrates design, manufacturing and selling into one;
  • Beston always offers its customers amusement rides with reasonable prices;
  • We can accept customization according to our customers’ requirements;
  • Our company can also offer guidance on how to design an amusement park;
  • Our company adheres to the principle of “top quality, best service”;

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    Types of Amusement Park Rides for Sale in Beston

    Beston Amusement Equipment produces a variety of amusement park rides, and our products can satisfy most customers’ demands. Here are a list of amusement park rides in our company.

    4 Carnival Equipment for Sale From Amusement Rides Manufacturer – Beston Group

    We have vintage amusement park trains for sale (amusement park trains for sale), ferris wheel for sale, carousel rides for sale, and rollercoaster for sale. Welcome to know details.

    Beston New Amusement Trains for Sale

    Amusement Trains for Sale

    Amusement trains for sale you can buy from Beston Amusement are welcomed for its authentic-looking appearance with the real train ...
    A Big Ferris Wheel in Beston

    Ferris Wheel for Sale

    Ferris wheel for sale is one of classic amusement park rides from Beston. In addition to giant Ferris wheels, the ...
    New Carousel Rides for Sale

    Carousel Rides for Sale

    Welcome to purchase Beston carousel rides for sale! Deeply favored by people of all ages, carousel, or merry go round, ...
    Roller Coaster in Beston

    Roller Coaster Rides for Sale

    Roller coaster rides for sale, one of classic amusement rides in amusement parks, theme parks or other fairgrounds in the ...

    Category of Beston New Amusement Park Rides Sale

    Funfair Space Travel Ride for Sale

    Funfair Rides for Sale

    A funfair is a place of outside entertainment where there are machines for riding and games that can be played ...
    Carnival Rides for Sale

    Carnival Rides for Sale

    Carnival is an occasion for people to celebrate or rejoice, and fun carnival rides are needed. Where to buy carnival ...
    Fairground Carousel Rides

    Fairground Rides for Sale

    When you enter a crowded fairground, you will find a variety of fairground rides. Attracted by them, people always want ...
    Theme Park Disco Ride in Beston

    Theme Park Rides for Sale

    Theme park rides are the backbone of a theme park, and many visitors go to theme parks in hope of ...

    Interested in these Amusement Park Rides?

    Beston Amusement Park Thrill Rides for Sale

    If you want to buy some thrill rides for your amusement park, Beston supplies paratrooper rides, pendulum swing rides, Disco rides, space travel rides, etc. Amusement park thrill rides exported to foreign countries from Beston all passed national quality standards, so they are safe and durable.

    Space Travel Ride in Beston

    Space Travel Ride for Sale

    Space travel ride is a large amusement park ride. Beston space travel ride is a popular thrill ride in theme ...
    Disco Ride for Sale

    Disco Ride for Sale

    Disco ride, or flying UFO ride is a thrilling amusement park ride. Passengers sit on the seats at the edge ...
    Paratrooper Carnival Ride in Beston

    Paratrooper Ride for Sale

    Paratrooper ride, or paratrooper carnival ride is a thrilling amusement ride that moves slantingly. Sitting in the chair, passengers ascend ...
    Beston Large Pendulum Swing Ride

    Pendulum Swing for Sale

    The pendulum swing for sale  is common amusement park ride favored by visitors, especially young people. As a type of ...

    Beston Classic Amusement Park Rides

    A good amusement park will disappoint its visitors if there isn’t any classic amusement park rides. Classic amusement park rides can always appeal to visitors for their unique charm or attractiveness. Beston classic amusement rides for sale include Ferris wheels, carousels, amusement park trains, pirate ship rides and so on. Being experienced in manufacturing all kinds of amusement park rides, our classic amusement rides are always best sellers in domestic and overseas markets of amusement park rides.

    Hello Kitty Teacup Amusement Ride for Sale

    Tea Cup Ride for Sale

    Tea cup ride for sale is welcomed by children and adults for its attractve appearance and enjoyable riding experience. Besides ...
    Beston Electric Bumper Cars

    Electric Bumper Cars for Sale

    The bumper car is a common amusement ride loved by most children and adults. Beston bumper cars are generally divided ...
    Dinosaur Swing Chair Rides for Kids

    Swing Ride for Sale

    Swing ride is one popular fairground ride that is familiar to most people. In addition to the name “swing ride”, ...

    Interested in Classic Amusement Park Rides?

    Beston Amusement Park Rides for Kids

    Kids are the main guests in one amusement park, and in fact, many parents go to amusement parks because their children want to go. Every kid likes to play, and to entertain children, an amusement park will prepare different types of amusement park rides for kids. Beston offers many kinds of children’s amusement park rides, including octopus rides for sale, self-control plane rides, Lebar car rides, kids racing go karts for sale, kangaroo jump rides, and kids excavator rides, etc.

    Mini Excavator Ride With Coin-Operated

    Coin-operated Kiddie Rides for Sale

    Coin-operated kiddie rides refer to those amusement rides for kids to play that are operated by inserting coins, and the ...
    3-horse Small Carousel for Kids from Beston

    Small Carousel for Sale

    Small carousel ride for sale, or mini carousel, has common characteristics of ordinary fairground carousels and their biggest difference is ...
    8-person Small Carousel in Beston

    Kiddie Carousel for Sale

    Kiddie carousel, or kids merry go round ride, is a kind of carousel that aims to children. Kiddie carousel for ...

    Interested in Beston Kiddie Amusement Park Rides?

    Miniature Amusement Park Rides for Sale in Beston

    Miniature amusement park rides, also referring to small or mini amusement park rides, are designed for younger riders or people who are not suitable to ride thrilling and large amusement park rides. Beston miniature amusement park rides are cute in the appearance and unique in the design style. Our factory designs and produces mini Ferris wheels, mini pendulum rides, mini flying chair rides, mini Tagada rides, mini merry-go-rounds and so on.

    Wholesale Trackless Train from Beston

    Trackless Train for Sale

    Trackless train for sale is a popular amusement ride. It is an articulated vehicle that is used for the transport ...
    Amusement Park Train Ride for Sale in Beston

    Amusement Park Trains for Sale

    Amusement park trains for sale are hot-sale amusement rides in recent years. These trains are designed by imitating real trains ...
    Beston Bumper Cars for Sale

    Bumper Cars for Sale

    Bumper cars for sale from Beston Amusement, one of the most popular fairground ride which is favored by kids and ...

    Beston Amusement Park Water Rides for Sale

    Many people like to play in the water, especially in hot summer. Also, a lot of amusement parks provide water rides for visitors, such as water slides, inflatable pools and castles, water bicycles and boats. All these amusement park water rides can be found in Beston amusement equipment Co., Ltd. Welcome to your inquiry for our amusement park water rides and other amusement park items.

    Beston Mini Pendulum Swing for Children

    Mini Pendulum Ride for Sale

    Mini Pendulum ride for sale, also called mini Frisbee ride, is a medium-sized kiddie ride and win great popularity among ...
    8-cabin Balloon Small Amusement Ferris Wheel for Sale

    Small Ferris Wheel for Sale

    Small Ferris wheel for sale, also called mini Ferris wheel or kids Ferris wheel, is one of popular amusement rides ...
    Beston Fruit Worm Roller Coaster

    Small Roller Coaster for Sale

    Small roller coaster for sale is favored by children in amusement parks, funfairs, fairgrounds and so on. Many people also ...
    Mini Train Rides for Sale

    Mini Train for Sale

    Mini train for sale is a common kiddie entertainment item in amusement parks, shopping malls or fairgrounds. With lovely and ...

    Interested in Our Amusement Rides?

    Amusement Park Attractions

    • Classic amusement parks rides of different sizes, speeds and intensities, like Ferris wheels, roller coasters, carousels;
    • Kidde areas with many amusement park rides for younger guests;
    • Shows such as comedy, magic, music and other performances;
    • Dining areas providing quick snacks or exquisite gourmet meals;
    • Shopping opportunities for souvenirs, photographs and personalized items;
    • Games where visitors can won small prizes if participating them.
    Bumper Car for Kids in Beston

    Kids Bumper Cars for Sale

    If you go to any larger amusement park, funfair or carnival, you will see bumper cars. Also, you will find ...
    10-seat Miami Ride for Sale

    Miami Ride for Sale

    Miami ride is a popular fair ride that attract many people’s attention for its cool appearance and unique operation mode ...
    Popular Octopus Amusement Ride

    Octopus Ride for Sale

    Octopus ride, or rotary octopus ride is a kind of self-control amusement ride and it is suitable for both kids ...
    A kind of Luxury Carousel in Fairgroud

    Fairground Carousel for Sale

    As an essential amusement ride, fairground carousel rides not only bring people of all ages much happiness and relaxation, but ...

    Cases of Different Types of Best Amusement Rides from Beston Amusement

    Beston Pirate Ship Ride to Australia Customer

    Beston Amusement Park Rides in Australia

    In addition to countries in Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Europe, Beston amusement park rides are also welcomed by ...
    Beston Carousel Rides Shipped to India

    Beston Amusement Rides for Sale in India

    As a leading amusement park rides supplier, Beston offers almost all kinds of popular amusement rides that can be used ...
    Beston Welcomes to Customers from Kazakhstan

    Beston Amusement Rides in Kazakhstan

    Under globalization, Beston seizes the good opportunity and actively push the cooperation partnership with Kazakhstan. Kazakhstan people also sincerely extend ...
    Beston Flying UFO Ride to South Africa

    Beston Amusement Rides for Sale in South Africa

    Being members of BRICS, China and South Africa have been in good partnership in these years. South Africa and China ...

    Want to buy our Amusement Park Rides?

    Beston Swing Tower for Sale

    Swing Tower Ride for Sale

    Swing tower ride for sale is a large amusement park ride. Its design combines the swing chair ride and the ...
    Popular Surf's Up Ride for Sale from Beston

    Surf’s Up Ride for Sale

    Surf’s up ride for sale is a fun large amusement ride designed for all ages of riders. Beston surf’s up ...
    40-seat Tagada Ride for Sale Manufactured by Beston

    Disco Tagada Ride for Sale

    Disco Tagada ride for sale from Beston Amusement, one of the most modern and fun amusement equipment that is hot-sale ...

    Tips for Riding Amusement Park Rides By Beston Company

    To have a good experience of riding a wide range of amusement park rides in an amusement park, you should know the following riding tips in advance.

    1. Firstly, check hours when an amusement park is open. Operation hours and dates vary largely for different amusement parks. Some are only open during evenings and on weekends while others may be open all day but not all rides or attractions are available. Also, some parks may close for private events or rentals. To avoid going there for nothing, you should know the park’s opening hours precisely.
    2. Secondly, make a plan ahead for what rides an amusement park offers by checking the park’ website or asking someone who has visited the park, to see which amusement rides are popular or recommended and what attractions may be appropriate for different ages and interests.
    3. Thirdly, be prepared to wait in a long line to ride the newest or the most thrilling amusement park items. Even milder amusement park rides may be occupied during the weekend or holidays. Everyone wants to take a ride on the hottest ride in an amusement park.
    4. Fourthly, to ensure a safe and happy ride, read all posted warning signs and riding instructions and obey them. Fasten a seat belt, lap bar, shoulder harness or other restraints and listen to instructions from rider operators or park employees.
    5. Fifthly, secure your belongs before riding, such as wallets, cell phones, and keys. Stow them securely in pockets, lockers or the rider’s storage bins or leave them kept by a non-rider in case of being lost or damaged.
    6. Lastly, know what kinds of amusement park rides you can ride and what can’t, especially extreme rides that require good physical and mental quality for riders. If the weather is hot, drink plenty of water and minimize sun exposure. In addition, wear comfortable clothes and shoes.

    Why Visit an Amusement Park?

    With different attractions to try and many options to choose from, the amusement park is a place many people would like to visit in their weekends or holidays in spite of crowdness and nosiness. The real fun in an amusement park is amusement park facilities. With decades of different rides or shows, amusement parks always can offer something for every visitor. Some amusement parks can be enjoyed in a single afternoon while others may require a week to properly visit. This makes everyone choose an amusement park to suit their timetable. Amusement parks provide people a place where they can interact with others, seek thrilling experiences and relax themselves under the help of different amusement park items. Visiting an amusement park is a convenient option for people to enjoy many things without visiting many different places. Maybe that’s why people like to visit an amusement park.

    A good amusement park will have a wide variety of amusement items for guests to enjoy, from thrilling roller coasters to mild kid-friendly attractions. Different amusement parks may differ in the variety of amusement park facilities, but there are some amusement park rides that can been found in most amusement parks. Whether you are interested in classic amusement park rides, thrilling amusements or nostalgic ones, the amusement park is a perfect place for everyone to enjoy.

    How to Make Your Amusement Park the Best?

    A best amusement park can deliver a great time to everyone, no matter what they’re looking for.For an owner of a large amusement park, to make his or her amusement park be the best is an exciting thing. How to make one amusement park stand out over another? There are many factors involved in it and following are some common things many amusement parks consider.

    1. Firstly, an amusement park should include different thrilling rides and classic rides for all ages, including family rides and kiddie rides. Beston, one of reliable amusement park ride manufacturers, supplies a wide range of amusement park rides for sale. If you need them, welcome to buy Beston rides.
    2. Then is the food. Although most of people just want to go on rides when they visit an amusement park, they are also interested in other things, especially food. Classic amusement park food, such as hot dogs, cotton candy, and popcorn and specialty diets can bring more visitors for an amusement park.
    3. Last is the cost and location. Many visitors will think about ticket prices for amusement park rides. Cheap amusement park tickets, available discounts, free parking and special deals can reduce the cost of visiting an amusement park and make an amusement park more welcomed.
    4. Besides, the location of an amusement park is also important. A good amusement park should be convenient for visitors to reach.