Liberty Music Bar Rides for Sale

Beston liberty music bar rides in Beston are new amusement rides that are well received in amusement and theme parks, fairgrounds, family entertainment centers, carnivals and funfairs, and other location based venues. So if you want to add more amusement rides to your parks, Beston liberty music bar ride is one of your preferred choices. Welcome to contact us!

Beston Music Bar for Sale
MBFS-01 Beston Music Bar for Sale

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The Description of Music Bar Rides for Sale

Liberty music bar ride is a new amusement park ride in Beston, featuring rolling passenger seats. In addition, the elegant music will also be played when the ride is moving, giving passengers the feeling of dancing in the bar and enjoying music. There is a central axis in the middle part of the ride. A colorful ball stands on the top part of the central axis. The swivel arms connect with seats. Each swivel arms have two seats and can admit two persons. Each seat has over-the-shoulder safety equipment. Besides, this equipment has a musical facility and many bright lights. When the liberty music bar ride starts, people can listen to the music when the ride moves. Bright lights are placed on the swivel arms. Under these conditions, the music bar ride looks more beautiful in the night.

Music Bar for Sale in Beston
MBFS-02 Music Bar for Sale in Beston

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How Does The Music Bar Rides Work?

The liberty music bar amusement rides consist of a central structure, supporting arms mounted with passenger gondolas and spinning wheels and driving system. Despite its cool appearance, the music and gorgeous lights are still the important parts of the music bar amusement attraction.

Beston liberty music bar is also an interactive amusement facilities, passengers can according to his own will rolling seat, back and forth in the range of 360 degrees and the whole trip around the central axis rotation. While the liberty music bar ride rotates, the passengers would be lifted into the air or lowered to the ground or flipped to head down. As the spinning and flipping of the liberty music bar ride gondolas accelerate gradually, it is the moment the passengers would scream.

Besides, when the passengers on this liberty music bar extreme equipment are turned to head down, the passenger gondola would keep this upside-down position for a while. When the passengers are upside down, and the spinning speed of the liberty music bar ride are increasing, the passengers will get the motion sickness on amusement rides.

Cheap Liberty Music Bar Rides for Sale in Beston
MBFS-03 Cheap Liberty Music Bar Rides for Sale in Beston

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Special Advantages of Beston Liberty Music Bar Rides

  1. Wonderful investments. On one hand, our quality liberty music bar rides for sale are of low prices. On the other hand, the rides are of high popularity to draw great crowds to your venues, and the rides are easy to maintain.
  2. Cool movements. Since the rides can move in multiple motions, such as rotating, rolling back and forth, these will give riders incredible experience.
  3. Reliable and professional manufacturer. Beston group is a top manufacturer of amusement rides in China, and we have won the recognition of customers all over the world because of our high quality liberty music bar rides as well as our professional experience.
  4. Great capacity. Usually, our liberty music bar rides can hold 16 persons at a time. This allows you to make huge money in a long term. When faced with multiple amusement rides, a smart businessman will surely opt for a single run to reap greater rewards.
  5. Brilliant lights and catchy music. Beston liberty music bar rides have fantastic lights and music players so that they can attract more people to your venues.
  6. Durable and high quality materials. Beston liberty music bar rides are made of top quality materials, such as stable steels, fiberglass, and durable paintings.
  7. Highly interactive rides. As mentioned above, Beston liberty music bar rides allow riders control the rolling back and forth of their own seats.
  8. Best Services. Beston offers you pre-sales and after-sales services, so that you can spare yourself a lot of energy as well as money.
  9. Can be Customized. Our liberty music bar rides can be especially made for your needs.

Technical Data of The Liberty Music Bar

High Qality Beston Liberty Music Bar Rides
MBFS-05 High Qality Beston Liberty Music Bar Rides

Introduction: MBFS-05

Capacity: 16 persons

Diameter: 9.5m

Height: 4.5m

Power: 25kw

Voltage: 380V, 50HZ

Speed: 4r/min(adjusted)

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Why Should You Choose Beston Music Bar Rides

  • Beston has over 20 years producing experience, and our factory has over 7000 square meters area.
  • Every part of our music bar rides meets the national standard. Only high quality parts can make a high quality overall product – liberty music bar ride.
  • Beston has a clear division of labor in each workshop to ensure the production of high quality music bar rides.
  • All the materials used in our company are environment-friendly. Anti-corrosion painting without any harm on environment.
  • All the liberty music bar rides will be tested carefully before leaving our factory.
Liberty Music Bar Rides for Sale with High Quality
MBFS-06 Liberty Music Bar Rides for Sale with High Quality

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What Should You Know When You Ride Beston Music Bar Rides

  • Firstly, do not ride the liberty music bar rides immediately after eating foods. In addition, you must not eat while the liberty music bar rides is running. Because when the music bar rides are rotating, rolling movements will make your stomach uncomfortable which will cause you to vomit.
  • Secondly, if the passenger is not comfortable with vertigo, please tell the passenger not to sway back and forth frequently when controlling the motion of the device.
  • In addition, park owners are requested to inform passengers of the following information: for personal safety reasons, people with certain diseases are not allowed to use the Liberty Music Bar Rides for Sale.
Liberty Music Bar Rides with Cheap Price
MBFS-04 Liberty Music Bar Rides with Cheap Price

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Reliable Liberty Music Bar Ride Supplier – Beston Group

Beston Amusement Equipment Company is one of the reliable liberty music bar ride manufacturers in China. You can buy directly from our factory, which is the best way you buy the cheap liberty music bar rides. As for production, Beston Company has an efficient production team and strict inspection system. This company puts quality in the first place. Beston professional workers choose qualified raw materials and has entire production process. Besides, Beston Company also has a top-rated design department. So, the designers can offer customized needs to buyers.

As for the experience of foreign trade, Beston Amusement Equipment Company has established a cooperative relationship with overseas buyers. For example, this company has shipped liberty music bar rides and other amusement rides to Thailand, America, Mexico, and other countries . If you want to know more cases, you can enter our website.

Music Bar Ride is one of thrill amusement rides and kiddie rides, and it is also popular among young people. If you want to buy liberty music bar rides to your places, please contact us quickly. We will send more information to you as soon as possible.

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