Fairground Rides for Sale

When you enter a crowded fairground, you will find a variety of fairground rides. Attracted by them, people always want to have a try for different fairground rides. So good fairground items are extremely important for a fairground. If you want to buy fairground rides, Beston provides all sorts of new fairground equipment for sale. Welcome to contact us!

Kangroo Hopper Ride for Sale
Fairground Kangroo Hopper Ride

Product Information

Type: BNKR
Capacity: 6persons
Area: 6m*5m
Height: 7m
Power: 7.5kw
Voltage: 380v
Color: customized
Material: FRP+Steel

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Types of Beston Fairground Rides for Sale

There are different fairground rides in Beston, mini ones or large ones. Both adults and children can find fun fairground items to ride produced by Beston. Here are three kind of fairground attractions for sale in our company.

Frog Jumping Ride from Beston
Fairground Frog Jumping Ride

Product Information

Type: BNFR
Capacity: 6persons
Cover Area: 6m*5m
Height: 7m
Power: 7.5kw
Voltage: 380v
Warranty: 12 months
Color: customized
Material: FRP+Steel

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Beston Fairground Frog Hopper Ride for Sale

Frog hopper ride, also called frog jump ride, is a kind of fairground rides that is mainly designed for children rides. The design of Beston frog hopper ride for sale is based on the model of frogs. Firstly, there are four patterns of frogs with different postures in the pillar and the four frogs look naughty and lovely. Then is the frog seat. Six seats are made of six frogs with different colors, which looks unique and interesting. Next is the frog at the top of the pillar. Standing on the highest point of the ride, the frog looks perky and confident. The last is several frogs sitting on the lotus around the ride’s bottom part and they are free and happy.

The frog hopper rides are one of the most popular fairground rides for sale in Beston, which is a great way to entertain many children and families in a fairground both indoors and outdoors. Frog hopper ride is a new tower fairground ride and belongs to free fall ride. It constantly ascends and descends in vertical direction and in rhyme. Attracted by to cute and novel frog appearance, children would like to take part in the fairground ride without hesitation when they enter into a fairground. The frog hoper ride will be started by its operator after riders sit on the frog seats and wear seat belts firmly. When it raises to a certain height, riders will be lowered by steps, just as a leap frog hopping in the water joyfully, which is also the reason that it is called “frog hopper ride”. Close your eyes, Beston frog jump ride will bring you wonderful feelings. Welcome to buy frog hopper ride for sale from Beston.

Features of Frog Hopper Ride for Sale in Beston

  • We use high-quality fiberglass and steel materials, being environmental-friendly and durable;
  • Appearance of frogs is attractive for kids and adults;
  • It has the same design idea and running principle as the drop tower;
  • Limited height ensures its security and stability for riders;
  • Easy to operate and the running time can be adjusted.
Fairground Miami Ride for Sale
Fairground Miami Ride

Product Information

Type: BNMR
Capacity: 18persons
Size: 15m*6m*8m
Running Height: 1.95m
Power: 15kw
Voltage: 380v

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Product Parameters

Capacity    10 seats    12 seats    16seats
   Height     3m     3m     3.5m
   Size 10m*3.5m*5m 12m*4m*6m 14m*5m*7m
Running Height    1.45m    1.65m    1.95m
   Voltage     380v    380v     380v
   Power     10kw    12kw     15kw
Fairground Mini Chair Swing Ride
Fairground Mini Chair Swing Ride

Product Information:

Type: BNFC-20A
Capacity: 20persons
Diameter: 8m
Area Requirement: 10m*10m
Height: 7m
Speed: 1.9m/s
Power: 4kw
Voltage: 380v

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Fairground Miami Ride for Sale in Beston

Beston Miami ride is a kind of new fairground rides for sale. It swings back and forth and rotates up and down, and riders who sit next to each other in a row can fully enjoy the feeling of weightlessness in its reciprocating motion. Speed of Beston fairground Miami ride for sale can be adjusted according to passengers’ requirements. Each seat is equipped with a seat belt and all riders must be fasten to their seats. When the Miami ride starts to move in circle, rock music begins, very exciting.

Being one of popular fairground items for sale, Beston Miami ride is favored by all ages of people. Firstly, its appearance is eye-catching for diversified color and cool background pictures. The color of Beston fairground Miami ride for sale is not only varied, but also bright, for example, a seat is painted into three different colors, let alone other parts. Also, the ride’s background wall is another bright spot, and usually the background patterns are beautiful ladies, men with a nice figure or cartoon characters, however, the picture can be replaced according to customers’ requirements. Secondly, Beston Miami for sale is equipped with rock music and LED lights. Operators can choose to play the music they like and add rider’s exciting feeling in the ride’s running process. LED lights make the ride look more beautiful and cool in the night, which can also attract more riders.

Beston produces various Miami rides, varying from mini one with 6 seats to 60 seats. Welcome to your inquiry at any time for any fairground attraction for sale in our company.

Features of Beston Fairground Miami for Sale

  • Seats are made of FRP material, which is against corrosion and fading;
  • Paint of the bottom part is bright and not east to rust;
  • With both security bar and security belt;
  • Stainless fence and frame make the ride more strong and durable;
  • 24-month warranty period;
  • With music-player system and LED lights;
  • Color, size and patterns can be customized.
Chair Swing Ride for Sale
Fairground Chair Swing Ride

Product Information

Type: BNFC-32A
Capacity: 32persons
Area: 16m*16m
Height: 9.5m
Power: 10kw
Voltage: 380v

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Fairground Chair Swing Ride for Sale in Beston

The chair swing ride or sing ride is a fairground ride that is a variation on the merry-go-round. The chairs are suspended from the rotating top of the carousel. The chair swing ride is also called a swing carousel, wave swinger, yo-yo, Chair-O-Plane or swinger. On some occasions, the rotating top of the wave swinger also tilts for additional motion. This fun ride dangles riders for high-flying action and its high visibility entices both kids and adults.

Fairground Breakdance Ride in Beston
Fairground Breakdance Ride in Beston

Product Information:

Type: BNBD-24
Capacity: 24persons
Diameter: 13m
Height: 4m
Voltage: 30kw
Voltage: 380v

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When chair swing rides start to rotate, riders siting in the chair seat feel like flying in the sky, feeling excited and delighted. Beston fairground chair swing ride for sale is a kind of fairground attraction similar to flying tower, and integrates three move rotation, up-an-down movement, and tilting motion into one. As the swing ride is started, its body of rises slowly and chairs spin through the sky accordingly, riders will begin to experience a feeling of freedom and weightlessness under the influence of the centrifugal force, which is also the biggest charm of Beston chair swing ride for sale.

Company Advantages

Beston produces a wide range of fairground rides with attractive appearance and high amusement value. Our fairground rides won high praise from our customers. The reason is that we always think about things from the standpoint of clients and make efforts to produce good fairground rides and offer excellent services. In our company, there are a group of experienced engineers and many hard-working workers. Also, we have our own team of salesmen who can provide comprehensive guidance for our clients, and dedicated customer service staff. Welcome to buy fairground rides from our company.

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