14-Seat Carousel Ride For Sale To Kazakhstan

Recently, a 14-Seat Carousel Ride have been exported and installed in Kazakhstan from Beston Factory. This is a kind of small kiddie carousel rides designed and manufactured by Beston Company. The dominant tone of the carousel is gold, which make the ride look gorgeous. The carousel horses are painted to be colorful. There are also bright LED light decorated on the carousel. The whole ride is protected by steel bars. According to the plan suggested by Beston, the carousel ride finally is installed beside the ferris wheel. As the two most popular of amusement park rides, these rides together can bring more passengers to play. If you also want to buy cheap carousel for sale in Kazakhstan, welcome to contact us for detailed information now.

14-Seat Carousel Ride for Sale to Kazakhstan - Beston Factory
14-Seat Carousel Ride for Sale to Kazakhstan

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Beside the 14-Seat Carousel Ride, there are also middle-sized 16-seat carouse rides and large 24-seat carousel rides for sale cheap to Kazakhstan from Beston Supplier. These rides are both Non-Foundation. And they are all popular in amusement park and fairground. If you want to start an amusement rides business in Kazakhstan (KZ), it will be very worth and profitable to invest carousel rides in fairground. Welcome to ask us for free quotation and further suggestion.

14-Seat Carousel for Sale Cheap to Kazakhstan - Beston Supplier
14-Seat Carousel for Sale Cheap to Kazakhstan

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Beston Company is a professional amusement rides manufacturer and supplier in China. We have rich experience of manufacturing and exporting amusement products. We also have our reliable cooperator for high quality structure and decoration materials. So Beston can provide customers with high quality amusement equipment at cheap price. Trust us, about buying carousel ride or other amusement rides, Beston will be your best choice. Now contact us for more information.

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