Theme Park Rides for Sale

Theme park rides are the backbone of a theme park, and many visitors go to theme parks in hope of gaining thrilling or enjoyable experiences from these attractions. In a theme park, we can see many rides, like roller coasters, thrilling rides, kiddie rides, family rides, etc. Beston produces a variety of theme park rides mentioned here. As a theme park rides supplier, we have over ten years’ experience in the field of amusement rides. Welcome to purchase Beston theme park equipment for sale.

Theme Park Disco Ride in Beston
Theme Park Disco Ride

Product Information:

Size: 27m*10m
Area: 30m*14m
Height: 8.5m
Power: 30kw
Voltage: 380v

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Types of Beston Theme Park Rides for Sale

Beston provide many types of theme park rides, and each type has its own unique features. When riding different theme park equipment, visitors in the theme park can get different experiences. Among Beston theme park rides for sale, some are thrilling while some are funny and interesting, or some are for all ages of people, some for children while some are family rides. Below are a list of part of theme park attractions for sale in Beston.

Beston Large Pendulum Swing Ride

Pendulum Swing for Sale

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A Big Ferris Wheel in Beston

Ferris Wheel for Sale

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Roller Coaster in Beston

Roller Coaster Rides for Sale

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Beston Roller Coaster Rides for Sale

Almost every theme park has a roller coaster, and it is a theme park’s main attraction. Beston roller coasters covers a wide range of varieties, from large ones to small or mini ones for kids or used in the backyard, or from thrilling ones to mild ones. A theme park often provides different types of roller coasters to satisfy visitors’ different demands. For example, young children can go to ride small roller coasters while people who want to seek thrill have a choice to ride large and thrilling ones.

Beston Family Rides for Sale

It is a common thing for many parents to go to a theme park near the home on weekends with their children. In this case, they are likely to choose family rides. Riding family rides is a good chance to enhance the relationship between family members, and parents can have more time to accompany their children, giving their children a happy childhood time. Beston family rides are milder and are suitable for all ages of people. In addition, many of them allow riders to participate and interact with each other, such as Beston carousels for sale, samba balloon rides, bumper cars, amusement trains, swing rides, etc.

Samba Balloon Family Ride for Sale
Theme Park Samba Balloon Family Ride

Product Information:

Capacity: 24 persons
Diameter: 6m
Height: 5m
Size: 10m*10m
Speed: 1.9m/s
Power: 8kw
Voltage: 380v

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Beston Kiddie Rides for Sale

Owing to limitation of the age and height, some Beston theme park attractions are not suitable for kids, but there are various kiddie rides in Beston that are specially designed for young children. Many of these equipment are versions of adult amusement rides and they are smaller, cuter and milder. Typically, Beston kiddie rides for sale have a limited height and speed in order to ensure children’s safety. Examples of Beston kiddie rides include mini carousels, mini Ferris wheel, and children’s bungee trampoline and so on.

Elephant Train for Kiddies
Theme Park Kiddie Ocean Train

Product Information:

Type: BNAT-O14
Height: 2.2M
Voltage: 380V
Power: 3KW
Coach Number: 3
Area Requirement:10m*12m
Capacity: 14 persons

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Beston Thrill Rides for Sale

Many people go to theme park with the purpose of seeking thrill or excitement. In order not to disappoint these visitors, many theme parks provide thrilling rides for visitors. In Beston, you can find such thrill rides as drop towers, pendulum swing rides, Disco rides, sky samba balloon rides, surf’s up rides and top scan rides, etc. These thrill rides can give visitors exciting experiences, they are not recommended for visitors with health problems or who fear of height.

Theme Park Roller Coaster
Thrilling Theme Park Roller Coaster for Sale

Product Information:

Type: BNRC-24C
Power: 120KW
Track Length: 730m
Area Requirement: 155*55m
Carriage Number:6
Capacity: 6*4 persons
Time per Circle: 138s

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About the Design of Beston Theme Park Rides

Design a theme park rides is not an easy thing, and designers must take several factors into consideration if they want to create a successful ride, for example, how to ensure the theme park ride’s safety or how to make it attract more customers. When it comes to people who design new theme park rides, we may think of theme park managers and professional engineers. Theme park managers know which attractions in their theme parks are more popular as well as what features a popular theme park ride should have, so they can get more ideas about how to design a more attractive ride. However, in our factory, it is a team of professional engineers who are in charge of the design work of our theme park rides. Based on the feedback from customers, the research on the popularity of existing theme park rides, and the estimation on appeal of future new rides, our engineers can successfully design a new Beston theme park ride for sale. A lot of details, like the type, innovation, and safety systems, are involved in the process of designing Beston theme park rides. Thankfully, many engineers have more than 10 year’s design experience in the field of theme park rides.

Attentions before Choosing a Theme Park Ride for Sale from Beston?

There are many factors affecting your choice for a theme park ride when you are going to buy some rides for your theme park. Then we will talk something about what you should know before you buy Beston theme park rides for sale.

  1. First is the budget. Different types of theme park rides vary in the price, for example, large rides are more expensive than smaller ones. Therefore, before buying new theme park rides for sale in Beston, the buyer must know in advance that how much money they want to invest on them and what price is affordable.
  2. Then is the need of the theme park. Before choosing a new theme park ride, the owner of the theme park need to know what types of rides are suitable for the park’s theme or style, including the ride’s name, decoration and even connotations behind it. For example, if the park is thrill-themed, the buyer should buy more thrilling amusement rides. In addition, the buyer also should evaluate the existing rides and determine what new equipment to buy. For example, a theme park with many carousels may need to add more roller coasters or mini trains from Beston.
  3. The last is the theme park’s size or space. Enough space is important for the theme park ride, including not only the actual space the ride requires but also the surrounding landscaping. So, the size of the theme park is also a factor that the buyer need to bear in mind in case that the space is wasted or there is no enough room to install new theme park rides from Beston.

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