Carnival Rides for Sale

Carnival is an occasion for people to celebrate or rejoice, and fun carnival rides are needed. Where to buy carnival rides? Beston Amusement Equipment produces many types of carnival amusement rides, including kiddie carnival rides for sale, miniature carnival items for sale, carnival rides for parties, portable carnival rides and extreme carnival rides. What’s more, our company always develops and designs various new carnival rides to create more fun and enjoyment for people who go to a carnival.

Rotary Octopus Ride for Sale
Rotary Octopus Ride

Product Information:

Type: BNOR-30A
Capacity: 30persons
Diameter: 12m
Area: 14m*14m
Height: 4.5m
Speed: 2.2m/s
Power: 20kw
Voltage: 380v

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Beston Kiddie Carnival Rides for Sale

Do you still remember going to the carnival excitedly when you are a child? Various carnival rides create a special “kiddie paradise” where children can fully release their nature of fun and curiosity. Here are some of our kiddie carnival rides for sale.

Carnival Octopus Ride for Sale in Beston

The octopus ride is designed on the basis of an octopus’s appearance, and it is classified into one kind of rotary carnival amusement ride. Beston octopus ride for sale is appealing to kids for vivid appearance, beautiful color collocation and enjoyable riding experience. Each of the ride’s arms can 360 degree rotate by itself and move up and down during the ride’s rotary process. Riders are able to control each arm’s rising and falling at their will. With sparkling lights, the octopus ride will look more gorgeous in carnival evenings.

Beston Kangaroo Jump Carnival Rides for Sale

Kangaroo are famous for their funny jumping with two feet as well as a big belly where a baby kangaroo is placed. Making full use of the two features of kangaroos, Beston designed and produced kangaroo jump rides used in carnivals in recent years. They are made of six pairs of kangaroos, and each pair accommodates two passengers, and the kangaroo’s whole body is painted into yellow except the parts of necks and heads. When the ride starts to rotate, cabins will jump up and down in accompany with beautiful music, making kiddies feel that they are sitting in the belly of the kangaroo. What a funny kiddie carnival ride!

Kangaroo Jump Amusement Ride from Beston
Kangaroo Jump Carnival Ride

Product Information:

Type: BNKR-8A
Capacity: 16persons
Diameter: 9m
Area: 10m*10m
Height: 6m
Speed: 1.9m/s
Power: 12kw
Voltage: 380v

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Beston Carnival Rides for Sale Cheap

In Beston, you may find such a surprise that many of our carnival rides are cheaper than those in other carnival ride companies when our carnival rides have the same type and quality as theirs. The reason is that we purchase raw materials in bulk and have our own manufacturing factory, so the cost is relatively low and there is no mediator fees. If you need cheap carnival equipment, welcome to your inquiry for Beston carnival rides for sale cheap.

Beston Paratrooper Carnival Ride for Sale

Paratrooper ride, also parachute ride or umbrella ride, can be regarded as one of classic carnival rides among Beston carnival rides for sale, for it is very popular among people. The ride is based on the seats suspended below a wheel which rotates at an oblique angle, which is the biggest feature of this carnival ride. Many modern paratrooper carnival rides use a pneumatic lifting piston to raise the wheel to their riding angle while spinning the seats. As the wheel rotates, the seats are free to rock sideways under centrifugal force and passengeres feel like they are flying freely in the sky. Beston paratrooper carnival ride is welcomed by both chidren and adults, especially teenagers.

Paratrooper Carnival Ride in Beston
Paratrooper Carnival Ride

Product Information:

Type: BNPR-24A
Capacity: 24persons
Diameter: 12m
Area: 18m*18m
Height: 5m
Speed: adjustable
Power: 9kw
Voltage: 380v

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Loop O Plane Carnival Rides for Sale from Beston

Loop O Plane ride is a new carnival ride for sale in Beston used in carnivals and other outdoor playgrounds. Seeing from the appearance, the ride is like a combination of two pirate ship rides with a shape of X. Loop O plane rides can rotate by 360 degree, and reach more than ten meters in its highest point. When the seats are parallel to the ground, riders will scream and feel very excited. As a kind of thrill carnival ride, it is suitable for young people who seek excitement.

Loop-O-Plane Ride for Sale in Beston
Loop-O-Plane Ride

Product Information:
Type: BNLR-16A
Capacity: 16persons
Area: 14m*10m
Height: 14m
Power: 30kw

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Beston Miniature Carnival Rides for Sale

In addition to kiddie carnival rides, cheap carnival equipment and several thrill carnival rides, Beston also offers miniature carnival rides for sale. If there is enough area for a carnival, small or miniature carnival amusement rides are the best choice. Beston miniature carnival rides are not only attractive in the design style, but also are durable in their service time.

Beston Mini Carnival Swing Ride for Sale

Swing rides have been a popular carnival ride and Beston carnival swing rides include swing tower rides and mini carnival swing rides. Mini carnival swing rides are targeted at younger visitors in a carnival. With similar working principle to ordinary chair swing rides, Beston mini carnival swing rides for sale are limited in the height and lovely in the appearance. The ride’s theme can be customized and redesigned if you dislike our existing design styles and we also provide many available themes for you to choose.

Mini Chair Swing Ride for kids
Mini Carnival Chair Swing Ride

Product Information:

Type: BNFC-16A
Capacity: 16persons
Diameter: 6m
Area: 10m*10m
Height: 7m
Speed: 1.9m/s
Power: 4kw
Voltage: 380v

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Features of Beston Carnival Rides for Sale

  • Various in the type;
  • Suitable for all ages of people;
  • Welcomed by new and old customers;
  • One-year warranty time;
  • Can be customized;
  • With installation instructions or videos.

Where to Buy Carnival Rides

Beston is good at producing all kinds of carnival rides, like kiddie carnival rides, cheap carnival rides for sale and miniature carnival rides. All of our carnival rides are designed by professional designers and produced by skillful workers. Visitors in a carnival are made up of different ages of people and our carnival rides for sale can meet needs of adults and children, because we have not only kiddie carnival rides, but also popular carnival rides for ordinary people and extreme carnival rides for people who seek thrilling experience. So if you want to buy carnival rides, don’t hesitate, Beston will be a good carnival rides manufacturer.